List of strips


Jul 11Promo


Oct 14Of Cors
Oct 13Al and Anson
Oct 12Flight of Fancy
Oct 11Goodbye
Oct 10Anita and Anson
Apr 9Big Fan
Mar 27Elo and Pang
Mar 26The Legacy of Tony Myrm
Mar 9Ceiling the Deal
Mar 8Making Waves
Mar 7Showing Up
Mar 6Crossing Lines
Mar 5Dream Team
Mar 4Conquering All
Mar 3Taking Five
Mar 2Rushing to the Hour
Feb 28Driving Force
Feb 27Date Night
Feb 26Screening Calls
Feb 25Seeking Audience
Feb 20Freeing Todd
Feb 19Burning Bernie
Feb 17In the Basement with Elo 3
Feb 16In the Basement with Elo 2
Feb 15Staredown
Feb 14In the Basement with Elo 1
Feb 13One Hour
Feb 12Bernie and Anson
Feb 4Bartender
Feb 1Enabled
Jan 31Say Cheese
Jan 30Couldn’t Be Snyder
Jan 29Make Your Mark
Jan 28Detox
Jan 24Memories XIX
Jan 23Scaphio vs. Phantis
Jan 22Brotherly Shove
Jan 21In’s Ted
Jan 17Memories XVIII
Jan 16Push Your Pawn
Jan 15Demotional Trauma
Jan 14Bio-Genetic
Jan 10Memories XVII
Jan 9Oh Brother
Jan 8Todd’s Image
Jan 7Cats out of the Bag
Jan 3Memories XVI
Jan 2Dinner Time 2
Jan 1Dinner Time 1



Sep 20When You’re Right
Sep 16Memories XV
Sep 15The Motorboard III
Sep 14The Ties That Bind 2
Sep 13The Ties That Bind 1
Sep 9Memories XIV
Sep 8Marked Down 3
Sep 7Marked Down 2
Sep 6Marked Down 1
Sep 2Memories XIII
Sep 1The Motorboard II
Aug 31Face of AfriCo
Aug 30The Motorboard I
Aug 26Memories XII
Aug 25Bernie and Todd Make a Deal 3
Aug 24Bernie and Todd Make a Deal 2
Aug 23Bernie and Todd Make a Deal 1
Aug 19Memories XI
Aug 18A New Record
Aug 17Defamed
Aug 16Mark My Words
Aug 13Memories X
Aug 12Rags of Riches
Aug 11Parallel Lines
Aug 9Can-nection
Aug 5Memories IX
Aug 4Toadily Todd
Aug 3Side Wager
Aug 2Don’t Sell Me Out
Jul 29Memories VIII
Jul 28Promotion Sickness 3
Jul 27Promotion Sickness 2
Jul 26Promotion Sickness 1
Jul 22Memories VII
Jul 21In The Mix 3
Jul 20In The Mix 2
Jul 19In The Mix 1
Jul 15Memories VI
Jul 14Mark of Shame 3
Jul 13Mark of Shame 2
Jul 12Mark of Shame 1
Jul 9Memories V
Jul 8Subway Social
Jul 7Bernie and Todd are Roomies
Jul 6Slice of Life
Jul 5Memories IV
Jul 1Enter Mark
Jun 30It’s Alive!…with flavor
Jun 29Historyonics
Jun 28Memories III
Jun 24Congratulicious
Jun 23Game On
Jun 22Frumpet Reunion
Jun 21Memories II
Jun 17Let Us Play
Jun 16A Logic Reaction 3
Jun 15A Logic Reaction 2
Jun 14A Logic Reaction 1
Jun 10Fan-tis
Jun 9Memories I
Jun 7Job Offertunity 4
Jun 3Job Offertunity 3
Jun 2Job Offertunity 2
Jun 1Job Offertunity 1
May 27Spat
May 26Present, Tense
May 25Dorkentatious
May 24Second Personage
May 21Pickle Your Battles
May 20Send-back
May 19The Groaned Father Paradox
May 18Scrabble
May 17Dutiful Dreamer
May 14Worms
May 13Comic Strips 4
May 12Comic Strips 3
May 11Comic Strips 2
May 10Comic Strips 1
May 7Elo’s Idea
May 4Sun-Uppity
May 3Hear How Quiet
Apr 30My Dinner With Annie 2
Apr 29My Dinner With Annie 1
Apr 27Persnickety 2
Apr 26Persnickety 1
Apr 22Enter Annie Myrm 4
Apr 21Enter Annie Myrm 3
Apr 20Enter Annie Myrm 2
Apr 19Enter Annie Myrm 1
Jan 11A Jolly Introduction
Jan 10Ye Be A Good Man, Anson
Jan 9They Made Us Dinner
Jan 8You Sure You Can Take It?
Jan 7You See…Me Invention?
Jan 6Pirates Aren’t Known For Tact
Jan 4Ah! That Be A Tale!
Jan 3The Worst Thing You Can Tell Someone
Jan 2What A Time-line?
Jan 1It’s A Time Machine


Dec 17Forevelry
Dec 16The Death of Tony Myrm
Dec 15Crazy II
Dec 14Going Fourth
Dec 10Treasure VI
Dec 9Pang’s Confidential
Dec 8Make It So
Dec 7Mail
Dec 3Bernie and Todd go to Dinner 4
Dec 2Bernie and Todd go to Dinner 3
Dec 1Bernie and Todd go to Dinner 2
Nov 30Bernie and Todd go to Dinner 1
Nov 26Here’s a Health to Pang’s 4
Nov 25Here’s a Health to Pang’s 3
Nov 24Here’s a Health to Pang’s 2
Nov 23Here’s a Health to Pang’s 1
Nov 19Ele-portation 3
Nov 17Ele-portation 2
Nov 16Ele-portation 1
Nov 12Treasure V
Nov 11Mop Top
Nov 10Fallt
Nov 9Insectisode
Nov 6Upturned
Nov 5Rumors 3
Nov 4Rumors 2
Nov 2Election Day Special
Oct 30Treasure IV
Oct 16Rumors 1
Oct 10The Ballad of Elo 6
Oct 9The Ballad of Elo 5
Oct 8The Ballad of Elo 4
Oct 7The Ballad of Elo 3
Oct 6The Ballad of Elo 2
Oct 5The Ballad of Elo 1
Oct 1The Hard Sell 4
Sep 30The Hard Sell 3
Sep 29The Hard Sell 2
Sep 28The Hard Sell 1
Sep 25I Wish You Well
Sep 24Treasure III
Sep 17Break Your Record 4
Sep 16Break Your Record 3
Sep 15Break Your Record 2
Sep 14Break Your Record 1
Sep 10Flower Power 3
Sep 9Flower Power 2
Sep 7Flower Power 1
Sep 3Vend Me Your Ears
Sep 1Treasure II
Aug 31The Creation of Some McGee
Aug 27Weekend in Tsavo East 7
Aug 26Weekend in Tsavo East 6
Aug 25Weekend in Tsavo East 5
Aug 24Weekend in Tsavo East 4
Aug 20Treasure I
Aug 19Weekend in Tsavo East 3
Aug 18Weekend in Tsavo East 2
Aug 17Weekend in Tsavo East 1
Jul 23The Adventure Continues 8
Jul 22The Adventure Continues 7
Jul 21The Adventure Continues 6
Jul 20The Adventure Continues 5
Jul 16The Adventure Continues 4
Jul 15The Adventure Continues 3
Jul 14The Adventure Continues 2
Jul 13The Adventure Continues 1
Jul 9Elo Goes Back in Time 8
Jul 8Elo Goes Back in Time 7
Jul 7Elo Goes Back in Time 6
Jul 6Elo Goes Back in Time 5
Jul 2Elo Goes Back in Time 4
Jul 1Elo Goes Back in Time 3
Jun 30Elo Goes Back in Time 2
Jun 29Elo Goes Back in Time 1
Jun 25Shproink 3
Jun 23Shproink 2
Jun 22Shproink 1
Jun 4Tower of Tater
Jun 3In the Army
Jun 2Quotation Marks
Jun 1He’s A Regular
May 28Russian Dolls 4
May 27Russian Dolls 3
May 26Russian Dolls 2
May 25Russian Dolls 1
May 21Hungry, Hungry, Hippo
May 19The Transfer 5
May 18The Transfer 4
May 13The Transfer 3
May 12The Transfer 2
May 11The Transfer 1
May 7How’s Business?
May 6A Nose
May 5Rotate the Stock
May 4The Talking Squash
Apr 30Uncle Ely 4
Apr 29Uncle Ely 3
Apr 28Uncle Ely 2
Apr 27Uncle Ely 1
Apr 22Dinner and Thinks 3
Apr 21Dinner and Thinks 2
Apr 20Dinner and Thinks 1
Apr 16Blue Elephant Group 4
Apr 15Blue Elephant Group 3
Apr 14Blue Elephant Group 2
Apr 13Blue Elephant Group 1
Apr 8To Infinity and Beyond
Apr 7T-Shirt II
Apr 6Op ed
Apr 2Crazy
Apr 1Not A Bear
Mar 31Nightmare
Mar 30Hunky-Dory
Mar 27The Brief Employment of Simon O. Ranguton 6
Mar 26The Brief Employment of Simon O. Ranguton 5
Mar 25The Brief Employment of Simon O. Ranguton 4
Mar 24The Brief Employment of Simon O. Ranguton 3
Mar 23The Brief Employment of Simon O. Ranguton 2
Mar 19The Brief Employment of Simon O. Ranguton 1
Mar 18Lower Calling
Mar 17Treat of Clay
Mar 16Deja Vu
Mar 15Shaken
Mar 12Bernie And Todd Go To Lunch 4
Mar 11Bernie And Todd Go To Lunch 3
Mar 10Bernie And Todd Go To Lunch 2
Mar 9Bernie And Todd Go To Lunch 1
Mar 5The Jerk War 4
Mar 4The Jerk War 3
Mar 3The Jerk War 2
Mar 2The Jerk War 1
Feb 26Lightbulb
Feb 25Wishy-Washy
Feb 23Telemarketer
Feb 19Pride and Peanuts 4
Feb 18Pride and Peanuts 3
Feb 17Pride and Peanuts 2
Feb 16Pride and Peanuts 1
Feb 12Be Mine
Feb 11Clean The Big Oven
Feb 10Cold Turkey
Feb 5Date of Mirth 3
Feb 3Date of Mirth 2
Feb 2Date of Mirth 1
Jan 27Apples and Oranges
Jan 26Smever
Jan 22Spinny Gadgets 4
Jan 21Spinny Gadgets 3
Jan 20Spinny Gadgets 2
Jan 19Spinny Gadgets 1
Jan 15A Bourgiose
Jan 14Chest Jest, Tape Jape
Jan 13Customer Comment
Jan 12Dunki-Munkis
Jan 8Elo Hates Berries
Jan 7Take-out Menu
Jan 6Kitchen Clock
Jan 5Face the Feast
Jan 4Above the Lawn 2
Jan 1Above the Lawn 1


Dec 4A Final Challenge
Nov 27Roll with the Punch
Nov 20Chief Executive Serpent
Nov 13He Wore A Fedora
Nov 6Citric Acid
Oct 30Backstage Pass
Oct 23The Dive and the Diva
Oct 16One-Eared Potter
Oct 9The Bottom Jaw
Oct 2Seedy Underbelly
Sep 25Damsel in Distress
Sep 18News
Sep 11Goober Time
Sep 4The Guest and the Jest
Aug 28Prologue


Oct 10Chapter’s End
Oct 3Not-so-Grand Opening
Sep 26Sofa, So good
Sep 19Shoes 2
Sep 12Shoes 1
Sep 5Money Talks 4
Aug 29Money Talks 3
Aug 22Money Talks 2
Aug 15Money Talks 1
Aug 8Ice Man
Aug 1The Return of Anita
Jul 25Beauty and the Yeesh
Jul 20Long Day
Jul 18Headset
Jul 11Fruitful Advances 3
Jul 4Fruitful Advances 2
Jun 27Fruitful Advances 1
Jun 20Actor Austin
Jun 13The Super Intendent 6
Jun 6The Super Intendent 5
May 30The Super Intendent 4
May 23The Super Intendent 3
May 16The Super Intendent 2
May 9The Super Intendent 1
May 2Hand Blower
Apr 25JK Rolling on the floor
Mar 14Banana Chips
Mar 12The Best Medicine 8
Mar 10The Best Medicine 7
Mar 7The Best Medicine 6
Mar 5The Best Medicine 5
Mar 3The Best Medicine 4
Feb 29The Best Medicine 3
Feb 27The Best Medicine 2
Feb 25The Best Medicine 1
Feb 22Birthday Bug 7
Feb 20Birthday Bug 6: Anson’s Pastel Birthday
Feb 18Birthday Bug 5
Feb 17Birthday Bug 4
Feb 15Birthday Bug 3
Feb 13Birthday Bug 2
Feb 11Birthday Bug 1


Nov 5The New Rage 3
Nov 3The New Rage 2
Nov 1The New Rage 1
Oct 26Raisin Awareness
Oct 22Cruel as a Cucumber
Oct 19Dinner Plans 5
Oct 17Dinner Plans 4
Oct 15Dinner Plans 3
Oct 12Dinner Plans 2
Oct 10Dinner Plans 1
Oct 8That’s the Ticket 4
Oct 5That’s the Ticket 3
Oct 3That’s the Ticket 2
Oct 1That’s the Ticket 1
Sep 26Revisited


May 16The Best Nut 5
May 15The Best Nut 4
May 14The Best Nut 3
May 13The Best Nut 2
May 12The Best Nut 1
May 10Bernie’s Hybrid 4
May 9Bernie’s Hybrid 3
May 8Bernie’s Hybrid 2
May 7Bernie’s Hybrid 1
May 6Evening at Hapgood’s 2
May 5Evening at Hapgood’s 1
May 2Free Enterprise 5
May 1Free Enterprise 4
Apr 30Free Enterprise 3
Apr 29Free Enterprise 2
Apr 28Free Enterprise 1
Apr 25Thrown Back 5
Apr 24Thrown Back 4
Apr 23Thrown Back 3
Apr 22Thrown Back 2
Apr 21Thrown Back 1
Apr 19Math Bonding
Apr 18Dinner Party 5
Apr 17Dinner Party 4
Apr 16Dinner Party 3
Apr 15Dinner Party 2
Apr 14Dinner Party 1
Apr 11Sweet Anita
Apr 10Trauma 4
Apr 9Trauma 3
Apr 8Trauma 2
Apr 7Trauma 1
Apr 4The Guitar Pick 5
Apr 3The Guitar Pick 4
Apr 2The Guitar Pick 3
Apr 1The Guitar Pick 2
Mar 31The Guitar Pick 1
Mar 28Bernie and Todd vs. Baseball 5
Mar 27Bernie and Todd vs. Baseball 4
Mar 26Bernie and Todd vs. Baseball 3
Mar 25Bernie and Todd vs. Baseball 2
Mar 24Bernie and Todd vs. Baseball 1
Mar 21Anson’s Theme Song
Mar 20The Giant Jewel Case Pyramid
Mar 18Bernie’s Theme Song
Mar 17Cool II
Mar 14Bernie’s Computer 5
Mar 13Bernie’s Computer 4
Mar 12Bernie’s Computer 3
Mar 11Bernie’s Computer 2
Mar 10Bernie’s Computer 1
Mar 7Diet Puke
Mar 6Amphibo
Mar 5Working Class Joes
Mar 4Rewarding Work
Mar 3Chopstick Jam
Feb 28Unpleasantries
Feb 26Frumpet Web Site 2
Feb 25Frumpet Web Site 1
Feb 24Enter Hapgood 5
Feb 21Enter Hapgood 4
Feb 20Enter Hapgood 3
Feb 19Enter Hapgood 2
Feb 18Enter Hapgood 1
Feb 17Better Late Than Clever
Feb 14Time Bird 5
Feb 13Time Bird 4
Feb 12Time Bird 3
Feb 11Time Bird 2
Feb 10Time Bird 1
Feb 7Orange Juice
Feb 6Enter Anita 3
Feb 5Enter Anita 2
Feb 4Enter Anita 1
Feb 3The Nutcracker
Jan 31Songtoad IV
Jan 30Return to Pang’s 7
Jan 29Return to Pang’s 6
Jan 28Return to Pang’s 5
Jan 27Return to Pang’s 4
Jan 24Return to Pang’s 3
Jan 23Return to Pang’s 2
Jan 22Return to Pang’s 1
Jan 21Elo Hates Apples
Jan 20T-Shirt
Jan 17Sugar Cube
Jan 16Grapefruit 3
Jan 15Grapefruit 2
Jan 14Grapefruit 1


Nov 1Songtoad III
Oct 31Halloween 4
Oct 30Halloween 3
Oct 29Halloween 2
Oct 28Halloween 1
Oct 25Book Smarts V
Oct 24Enter Scaphio and Phantis 9
Oct 23Enter Scaphio and Phantis 8
Oct 22Enter Scaphio and Phantis 7
Oct 21Enter Scaphio and Phantis 6
Oct 18Enter Scaphio and Phantis 5
Oct 17Enter Scaphio and Phantis 4
Oct 16Enter Scaphio and Phantis 3
Oct 15Enter Scaphio and Phantis 2
Oct 14Enter Scaphio and Phantis 1
Oct 4Elo the Author 5
Oct 3Elo the Author 4
Oct 2Elo the Author 3
Oct 1Elo the Author 2
Sep 30Elo the Author 1
Sep 27The Greater Risk
Sep 26The Very First Bernie Strip Ever Made
Sep 25Frumpet Album
Sep 24Book Smarts IV
Sep 23Elo Loves Peanuts
Sep 20Down Under The Wire
Sep 19Down Under Attack
Sep 18Down Under A Spell
Sep 17Down Undersold
Sep 16Down Under Indictment
Sep 13Down Under Appreciated
Sep 12Down Understocked
Sep 10Down Under Budget
Sep 9Down Undertaking
Aug 23Book Smarts III
Aug 22The Nest 4
Aug 21The Nest 3
Aug 20The Nest 2
Aug 19The Nest 1
Aug 16Songtoad II
Aug 15The Army Ants 5
Aug 14The Army Ants 4
Aug 13The Army Ants 3
Aug 12The Army Ants 2
Aug 9The Army Ants 1
Aug 8Amber Girl 14
Aug 7Amber Girl 13
Aug 6Amber Girl 12
Aug 5Amber Girl 11
Aug 2Amber Girl 10
Aug 1Amber Girl 9
Jul 31Amber Girl 8
Jul 30Amber Girl 7
Jul 29Amber Girl 6
Jul 26Amber Girl 5
Jul 25Amber Girl 4
Jul 24Amber Girl 3
Jul 23Amber Girl 2
Jul 22Amber Girl 1
Jul 19Subway Series 5
Jul 18Subway Series 4
Jul 17Subway Series 3
Jul 16Subway Series 2
Jul 15Subway Series 1
Jul 5Enter Bernie 5
Jul 4Enter Bernie 4
Jul 3Enter Bernie 3
Jul 2Enter Bernie 2
Jul 1Enter Bernie 1
Jun 28Sports 5
Jun 27Sports 4
Jun 26Sports 3
Jun 25Sports 2
Jun 24Sports 1
Jun 22Songtoad I
Jun 21Book Smarts II
Jun 20Money 10
Jun 19Money 9
Jun 18Money 8
Jun 17Money 7
Jun 15Money 6
Jun 14Money 5
Jun 13Money 4
Jun 12Money 3
Jun 11Money 2
Jun 10Money 1
Jun 8First Gig
Jun 7Rip Van Elo
Jun 6Looks Like It
Jun 5E&A Vaudeville
Jun 4Water War
Jun 3Book Smarts I
Jun 1Down a Hole 3
May 31Down a Hole 2
May 30Down a Hole 1
May 29Band Together 3
May 28Band Together 2
May 27Band Together 1
May 25Laundromat 5
May 24Laundromat 4
May 23Laundromat 3
May 22Laundromat 2
May 21Laundromat 1
May 20Pasta Sauce
May 18Time Jetta 5
May 17Time Jetta 4
May 16Time Jetta 3
May 15Time Jetta 2
May 14Time Jetta 1
May 13Cool
May 11The Tip 6
May 10The Tip 5
May 9The Tip 4
May 8The Tip 3
May 7The Tip 2
May 6The Tip 1
May 3The Sign 3
May 2The Sign 2
May 1The Sign 1
Apr 30Anson’s Workout
Apr 29Phone
Apr 27Computer 3
Apr 26Computer 2
Apr 25Computer 1
Apr 23Answering Machine
Apr 22Shower Song


Sep 6Intro 6
Sep 5Intro 5
Sep 4Intro 4
Sep 3Intro 3
Sep 2Intro 2
Sep 1Intro 1